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JUSTBEENPAID.NET is an open-end Asset Allocation fund. It endeavors to provide investors an opportunity for long-term capital appreciation through broad mix of asset classes encompassing equity, fixed income & money market instruments.

The Fund's objective is to generate income by investing in debt and money market securities and to generate capital appreciation by investing in equity and equity related securities.

Quick Stats
Launch date: August 20, 2010
Risk Profile: Moderate
Management fees: 2.00% p.a
Benchmark: 1/3 of average of 3-month bank deposit rate, 1/3 of 6-month Kibor, 1/3 of KSE - 30 Index
Load: Front end - 3% (Nil on investment amount equal to or more than USD16 million), Back end - 0%
Minimum investment: Growth units-$.10,00/-, Income units-$10,50/-
Listing: International Stock Exchange
Auditors: JBP Ferguson & Co. Chartered Accountants
Trustee: Central Depository Company (CDC)
Fund Manager: James Butler, CFA, ACCA
Asset Manager rating: 'AM2' by VHIMS (Very High Investment Management Standards)
Pricing Mechanism: Forward


Capital Gains Tax is applicable on encashment of amount invested in the Funds at the following rates:

If encashed within 12 months: 12.5%
If encashed after 1 year but before 2 Years: 10%
If encashed after 2 Year: 0%
Tax benefit available under Income Tax Ordinance 2001.

Benefits at a Glance:

Minimum Investment $10.00/-(Growth Units)
Subsequent Investment $1.00/-
No Back End load
No minimum holding period. Redeem at will.
Encashment within 2-3 business days (Otherwise the constitutive documents allow for six working days to pay redemption proceeds)
Tax Exempt as per current Tax Laws (Exempted from Capital Gains Tax (CGT), if investments held for a year or more; for shorter term investments relevant Capital Gains Tax (CGT) applies.)
Investment can be encashed at any available E-Currency facility.
(ATM withdrawal limit for a single day is $50,00/- or 60% of your investment balance whichever is lower).
Units of Funds can be used as a collateral to avail bank financing
Ease of choosing and monitoring one fund instead of multiple investments
Regular re-balancing to maintain the correct risk/return characteristics over time
On investment or maintaining a minimum investment Balance/Value of $1,000/- in conventional mutual funds managed by JUSTBEENPAID.NET, individuals (Principal account holders only) will be entitled to free of cost Accidental Death and Permanent Total Disability Insurance Cover equal to the investment value subject to a maximum of $10,000.00/-.

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